Words With Friends iPhone App Review

Words With Friends is an interactive iPhone app that has gained immense popularity recently.  Instead of playing a game against yourself or a computer, you get to play against real, live people.  This gives you an incentive to play strategically because it brings out the competitiveness in people.  You can choose to play against either a random opponent or someone you know.  Words With Friends is a word game where you are given letters and you have to make them into a word on a board.  After your turn is over, your opponent then uses their letters to make a word off of the word you played.  You continue doing this until you have no letters left.  Since no two games are the same, the app stays new, fresh and fun for everyone.  Depending on your opponent, this game can be a real challenge.  The chat feature allows for players to have dialogue back and forth, which takes it to a social level and not just a competitive level.


This is an extremely popular app for good reason.  It appeals and challenges both the young and old.  It is fun to create words trying for a new high score while also beating your opponent.  Since you can link up with other people, you can easily find people you know to play through email or Facebook.  Someone could be halfway around the country and you connect through this fun, interactive game.  The rules are easy to follow, but strategy is everything.  You have the option to play games on the offense or defense or a combination of both.

As you take turns and play more games, you realize what works and you get better at playing because you are familiarizing yourself with more words.  Not only is this an exciting app because you are playing against your friends, but it teaches you new words you did not know before.  Each game forces you to think and push yourself out of your vocabulary comfort zone.  You don’t even realize that you are learning while enjoying the fun.


  • Play against people you know
  • Chat feature
  • Quick play
  • Fun and interactive for everyone
  • Easy to use


This is an incredible app that challenges your mind, but is also extremely fun.  This iPhone app is free with ads, but the ad-free version is $2.99.  Words with Friends has been given 4.5 stars out of 5 by iPhone users.  Push yourself and your knowledge of the english language and have fun playing against your friends from all over the country.  If there is one interactive app to consider, it’s this one!

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