What Does Google Have Up Its Sleeve for Tablet Apps?

Tablet Apps

Google isn’t known as being a group of slackers, so when Steve Jobs demonstrated Apple’s impressive amount of apps designed for the iPad and showed the weak showing from Google, it probably hurt Google’s Tablet sales. Jobs, made a good point in showing that the user’s experience is not improved from a Honeycomb operated tablet pc, in fact, most of the apps that show up on the Android Market for Android tablets are really just apps that are ports from android phone apps. That certainly would appear not to bode well for the fate of Android tablets, but like I said at the start, Google isn’t know for being slackers and it definitely isn’t known for not being smart.

What’s the Plan?

What has Google really done for the tablet app community?  Looking at the surface, it would appear that its not much, but deeper down, what Google has done is created a market for app developers that is limitless.  With less competition for apps, it would stand that emerging developers could potentially stand to make millions by releasing fresh tablet apps specifically and exclusively made for Android Tablets.  With so many developers already flooding the Android phone market, it’s not going to take much for developers to brand new apps that utilize more powerful graphics and larger environments.  What Google has done is created a high demand for Android tablet apps and in the long run, this strategy could ultimately knock Apple down a few branches.

Tablet Apps for Android

The big distinction between Microsoft and Apple for years was that Microsoft did software and Apple focused on hardware.  That brought success to both companies, and it looks like Google is following in the exact steps of the success that Apple saw in developing its own inclusive little world of software and hardware.  Google has created an environment for developers to thrive upon with by creating a high demand marketplace for software.  For those that have been with Apple since the beginning, you’ll remember that it PC’s always seemed to have more software than a Mac and Mac’s were being branded as an elite machine and software combination for those interested in graphic design, movie editing and the like.  Essentially, that is what Google has created in their Android Tablet Market.  Right now is just the early phase of building exclusivity of software.  The same tactic was most notably seen in Microsoft’s lock down of the Halo empire and that clearly showed that people are willing to buy a piece of hardware specifically to use one piece of software.

While a lot of people are starting to count Google out of the Tablet race, they may be surprised when the release of that software everyone wants does a barrel roll and becomes exclusively released for Android Tablets.  Expect to see that build up starting in October for the holiday season this December.

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