Top Five Worst Ideas for Tablet Apps

Top Five Worst Ideas for Tablet Apps

Apple’s “There’s an App for That” has proven true very often. Some of these bad app ideas, take it to the extreme and should never be developed if it can be helped:

1.Tablet Ping Pong Paddle

This tablet app lets you use your tablet as a ping pong paddle, recording each hit for later analysis to improve your ping pong skills. An additional handle device would need to be attached to get the real look and feel of a paddle.

2.Tablet Rotating Circular Disc of Throwing

Popular on college campuses, parks and beaches across the globe, a Frisbee simulation app for your tablet lets you hurl your tablet to your friends with the real look and feel of an actual Frisbee.

3.Tablet App, Bullet Proof Shield

This app displays the image of a bullet proof shield and gives the wielder of the tablet an over inflated feeling of protection from bullets.

4.Weight Loss Motivator

The tablet app weight loss motivator asks its users to use their tablet as a scale. The app will then report helpful messages to motivate the user to lose weight.

5.The IAMParanoid Tablet App

The only problem with the design of this tablet app is that you need two tablets to use it. One tablet is attached to a backpack and the other tablet is carried with the user. The app identifies people following the user and gives them a false sense of security. To get the full feeling of security, multiple tablets can be worn as a suit, thus protecting all sides of the user from alien abductions or CIA black helicopters.

Throwing, standing on or using your tablet as a shield of any kind may void warranties and is not recommended.

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