The Wall Street Journal iPad app Review


The Wall Street Journal has long been one of the premier newspapers in the country.  The latest business, financial, and market stories are always first published on this award winning editorial.  Now you bring all of this important information to your tablet with The Wall Street Journal iPad app.  You can browse through hundreds of articles that have been chosen by top journalists and stay completely up to date with the financial industry.  You can also save parts of the content for later reading or future reference.  Take advantage of this nifty app and download it today!


  • There is a variety of free content that are made available with the download of this app
  • You can see the “Now” option to see updated news coverage and insights on world issues
  • You can also view top articles that were picked by Journal editors themselves
  • You can watch a variety of slideshows and videos that have been put out there with the free articles
  • The app allows you to look up different market data such as a watchlist and searchable quotes
  • You can get access to market opinions, business advice, and other subscriber only content
  • There is a week long archive that you can download so that you can read articles and other information whenever you want and you can do it while you are offline
  • You can save certain parts of the articles you are reading for future reference, or just to finish them at a later time
  • If you find articles that you really like and you want to share them with people then you can use the My Journal function to save the excerpt and then share it with friends over the website


This is a great way to stay connected to the financial state of the country.  You get updates, and top article picks that give some real insight on our economy.  The only problem with this app is the fact that the free content will only take you so far, and in order to subscribe you end up paying more than you would if you were to just subscribe to the paper.  Kind of an odd marketing strategy and really doesn’t make much sense.  If they can figure out the full price subscription issue then this would be a great app for the iPad market

Voted 2 stars by iPad app users and is currently free to download.

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