Tablet Apps

Tablet Apps

Tablet pcs are the new fad amongst tech junkies, and hundreds, if not thousands, of tablet applications are being released every day. Many of these applications are simply enhanced versions of those you can download for your smartphone or iPod, but that only makes them more valuable. A larger screen means easier to read content, and the ability to fit more of it on the screen. It’s also much better to watch television or movies on. Graphics for games are also more detailed on the larger tablet pcs, many times rivaling that of other gaming systems, but much more portable and functional. Stay up-to-date with the most popular applications or search for just what you need with the easy to use tools on our website.

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  1. From the specifications it is clear that it srpuopts wifi / wlan and 3G using external 3G broadband USB. This can’t be used as phone as there is no place for the SIM card to use as phone.

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