Smart Launcher 3 for Android

Smart Launcher 3 AndroidSmart Launcher 3 is a customized launcher that allows you to set up your phone with a brand new look. The Smart Launcher has been updated twice to get to the third version of the program. You may download the app quickly on your phone, and the phone will ask you if you want to use the launcher to set up the screen. The launcher will ask you what you want on the home screen, and you may choose the shape the icons will take. Smart Launcher helps you create a home screen and pages you will use, and this article explains how the launcher does its job.

The Launcher Gives You A Nicer Home Screen

The home screen in the Smart Launcher 3 can arrange its icons in the shape or a square, triangle or circle. You get to choose the shape, and you will have the shape permanently on the screen when you have it set up. You can keep adding icons to the shape, and the launcher will expand the shape to make it look perfect on the screen. You can change the shape whenever you want, and the icons will take on any shape you want. You can choose from many outlines, or you can change he icon pack.

The App Categories

The app categories in Smart Launcher 3 are set in advance, and the icons can be moved around to each category as you like. Categorize all the apps to make sure that the app looks its best, and put the apps in places where you know you can find them. You do not have time to waste looking for apps that you need, and the categories speed up the process.

The Side Screens

You can add or subtract as many side screens as you want when you set up your home screen. You can use the side screens to set up your calendar or other large widgets, and the widgets will be easy to access. The other apps are hidden on their own screen, and the side screens house the apps that you know you will need to use every day.

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