SCRABBLE iPad app Review


The SCRABBLE iPad app is one of the best board game adaptations that has ever been created.  This app was designed specifically for the iPad and a lot of thought has gone into it’s construction, display, and user interface.  This is probably the best version of Scrabble that you will ever play, and it is extremely easy to use and play with other people.  You can play on up to 25 different games at a time online with your Facebook friends, or you can use the pas n’ play feature to play with the people that you are currently with.

The game also offers some unique features where you can use your iPhone to help you play the game.  There is a free app you can download on your iPhone that will sync with the iPad to let you have your own personal tile rack to refer too.  The iPad allows you to have one of the best scrabble word games that you will ever experience.


  • You can play around 25 different games in the multiplayer mode all at the same time
  • The HD Graphics are incredibly impressive, and you will love how crisp and clear the images are
  • You can play in either the landscape mode or the portrait mode, depending on what you want
  • There is a new mode featured in this game called the “Party Play” Mode and you can play it with four different friends of your choice
  • You can also get a tile rack for free on your iPhone so that you can use it as a tile rack
  • There is a Teaching feature called the Scrabble Teacher which will help show you the best word choices you could have used on the last move.  This is a great way to track and record your progress so that you can get better
  • The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate
  • You can also listen to your own iTunes music while playing so that you don’t have to just rely on the soundtrack that has already been provided


The iPad is awesome!  This is the best version of scrabble out on the market.  Simply incredible.  You will love this app and the way it integrates to this new and impressive technology.  Well worth the money because you will never have to buy the board game, or any board game for that matter, ever again!

Voted 4 stars by iPad app users and currently costs $9.99 to download.

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