Real Racing HD iPad app Review


With all of the success of the Real Racing franchise on the iPhone, it would make sense that they would bring this stunning racing game to the iPad.  The Real Racing HD iPad app is one of the best racers on the tablet market today and boasts some incredible 3D graphics along with an incredibly smooth framerate.  You will speed around realistic tracks and locations and test your driving skills against the very best.

This updated and revamped version of the original has a lot to offer iPad users.  The graphics have been greatly improved, there are variety of now skins that you can put on the cars to customize them the way you want, you can adjust how sensitive the touch screen controls are for the game, and you can also participate in the ghost racing tracks to try and race and beat out your previous best time.

This game has a lot of impressive features to offer and will definitely be a staple iPad app for a long time to come.  Download this app today and get the best of the racing genre for the iPad tablet.


  • Incredible 3D graphics, best to date on the iPad
  • You can pick new skins to put onto your cars to help you customize them
  • New ghost racing mode to help you beat your old best times
  • You can watch your replays to see fun crashes or impressive maneuvering
  • Over 48 different cars you can choose from to race with
  • These cars will come in one of four different varieties: muscle cars, exotic cars, sedans, or hatchbacks
  • 5 different game modes to participate in
  • These game modes include the Career Mode which has 76 different events, the Time Trial mode, a local multiplayer mode where you can support up to 6 people, or an online mode where you can get put into leagues
  • 12 different tracks that you can experience.  These will take place in locations from across the world
  • You can view the game from the cockpit or pick an out of car camera angle
  • You can pick different control options including touch or tilting to be able to steer the car
  • Also has the option of online leaderboards that you can check up on frequently to see where you rank
  • Has it’s own original soundtrack, or you can get on your iTunes and listen to your favorite music as you speed down the track


Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPad app users and currently costs $9.99 to download.

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