Pokedex Dexter for Android

Android Pokedex DexterThe world of Pokemon is huge. Over the past 17 years, Pokemon fans have been introduced to new regions each time a game has been released. For those who have been with the Pokemon franchise from the beginning, reciting the first 150 Pokemon can be a relatively easy task. However, with 6 generations of Pokemon (and counting) fans might have a harder time keeping track nowadays. A Pokemon’s name is one thing, but can you remember its stats, moves, and all its possibilities? Probably not. That’s where Pokedex Dexter comes in handy.

There have been many versions of the Pokedex released on the android market, but none have a database as expansive as Pokedex Dexter. Though the database is large, it runs very quickly. The entire app loads in just one second. Dexter also utilizes a simple user interface to avoid any confusion. Pokemon trainers have longed for a Pokedex where they can find all the information they need on one organized platform. Dexter lists everything you need to know about every Pokemon. It lists the Pokemon’s type, evolutions, all its stats, and skills. Dexter doesn’t miss a beat, making it especially useful for the newest generation of Pokemon games, X and Y, which feature Pokemon from multiple generations.

What sets Pokedex Dexter apart from other Pokedex apps is its multiple search options. Trainers can search the database by using a Pokemon’s name, but that is not the only option available. Dexter features a Typedex, Movedex, Abilitydex, Locdex, Caughtdex, and Teamdex. These new search options give trainers the chance to discover Pokemon based on what they do and allow them to better understand their mechanics. The Locdex is especially unique in the fact that it reveals what Pokemon reside on certain routes. The Caughtdex allows trainers to log Pokemon as they are caught, as well as add them to the Teamdex where they can compare Pokemon to build the best team possible.

Overall, Dexter is a valuable tool that can be utilized by any Pokemon trainer. Whether they are a long-time player or newbie to the Pokemon scene, Dexter has a lot to offer no matter a trainer’s experience level. Dexter is not limited to a single game, making it a great sidekick when players decide to revisit titles to get the most out of them. Dexter is free to download, so don’t miss out. Enhance your Pokemon experience today.

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