Paper – Change the Way You Look at Your Tablet

Paper App ReviewThe Paper app is a luxury that allows us to express our creativity and our individuality. It is a blank surface that allows total free reign of the human imagination and integrates art, literature and even music. However, for the artists among us, it can be hard to find a good surface to use, and for those looking for a more practical use, checklists take up space, can get lost or can be easily damaged. Paper is a commodity, and even though there is an abundance of it, reckless use of it can lead to great waste.

Enter the paper app. This app literally allows you to use paper for a plethora of ideas. First, you can create a to-do list that is completely changeable. Instead of simply throwing out the last one, check the bubble next to each item to mark it as finished, and allow yourself to open up space for something new. This simple feature puts the app miles ahead of other checklist apps that lack a beautiful design and graceful transition from one item to another. Additionally, the swipe-to-style feature allows you to change notes and create new ones at a pace that no other app can match. Speed creates more efficiency which results in quicker completion of the list itself.

A fascinating feature of the app is the photo feature. You can take any picture from your phone and integrate it on the app. From here, you can draw on it, customize it and even change the lighting to create the desired effect. This on the go editing is unheard and can be of great benefit to photographers, photography majors or even creative individuals who enjoy photo editing and like sending funny or beautiful images to their friends. You also have the ability to write over the photo itself, allowing you to caption it with a name or date for memory’s sake.

All of the ideas put on Paper can now be shared. A beautiful sketch is no longer confined to the piece of paper it was created on. Whatever artwork you create can be sent in a perfect PDF format to anyone you so desire. This allows you to spread your ideas quickly and efficiently without the hassle of converting files or printing multiple copies. You can even create PowerPoint presentations from the images and text gathered in the paper app, as well as Keynote presentations. This method cuts out so much time and effort and the final product is just as beautiful.

This app is available through the app store. As a testament to its ease of use and remarkable beauty, the original version is a recipient of Apple’s App of the Year Award and has generated millions of downloads. The newer version is even more useful and beautiful. To make things better, the in-app purchases such as essentials, mixer, color, sketch, write, and outline are all free. The app is a gateway to increased productivity and creativity. It truly has something in it for everyone.

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