Microsoft Tablet Apps

Microsoft Tablet Apps

Some industry insiders believe that Microsoft has a chance at making it to the number 2 ranking in tablet sales come next year. Android tablets are currently facing some troubles in the tablet market and is getting bogged down in legality and intellectual property infringement lawsuits. Already the Xoom is showing lackluster numbers but is quickly overtaking the market in apps.

Microsoft Tablets

Microsoft really wouldn’t have much trouble entering and securing the market since they have over 5 million developers at their disposal. If Microsoft is planning to take over these markets in the next couple of years, the best way that they could do it is to offer inexpensive devices and a wide selection of free apps.

Xbox Tablet Apps

Then again, there are those that say that Microsoft won’t even be around let alone selling tablets in 6 quarters. However, Microsoft focusing on more Xbox apps could divert a lot of funding to any projects for developing tablets and tablet apps.

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