MediaFireThe iTunes store is full of applications that allow you to upload files, but few of those apps are as efficient and tidy as MediaFire, a simple place to upload and store your videos, music, and documents. The share features of MediaFire make it one of the more popular storage applications. Rather than just let you documents and photos sit there to look pretty, you can easily share them with an audience at the click of a button, syncing them to your favorite social media applications and sharing your thoughts on them with others. Better yet, it syncs flawlessly with other applications to quickly port all of your files over to MediaFire and get started on this exciting platform.

Highlights and Features

– Space is everything: Storing something does no good if you don’t have enough space to store it. If you’re a pic and video junkie, you’ll find MediaFire a pleasing application to use. You get a whopping 12 GB of storage, more than enough to suit the needs of even the most frequent uploader.

– Earn more space: If you still need more space, there’s no worries. MediaFire generously lets users earn more space as time goes along or you can earn rewards through their set of rules and regulations. It’s up to you. Nothing is required.

– Streaming: Many storage services don’t go the extra mile with videos and music but MediaFire puts a little fire into the game by offering streaming for your files. You don’t have to just let them sit there. You can store them all in one place and then enjoy them in that place too.

– Docs: It’s difficult to remember but even awhile back it wasn’t typical for document storage to come along with audio and video storage. Thanks to services like MediaFire, documents have a home, too.

– Easy organization: Folders and sub-folders are organized with MediaFire’s easy interface. This is one of the critical components of a storage service and MediaFire exceeds every expectation in this category.

The last test for MediaFire is its security and they pass the test here, too. You’ll find MediaFire’s security measures up to code. Like other storage services, they place special emphasis on security features because without those features, it’s simply not wise to use a specific storage service. MediaFire assures its customers and goes the extra mile by using industry standard security measures to keep your music, movies, and documents safe and sound.

Sharing is another important facet of MediaFire’s push to become a household name. They definitely sync up with today’s hottest social media services, making it easy to share your pictures and videos with your friends on outlets like Facebook. It’s all integrated seamlessly and at the click of a button. All of these features are updated frequently and so far users of MediaFire have nothing but good things to say about this simple but deep service. They continue to quietly be one of the best file storage services in the world.

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