Let Meditation Studio’s Experts Guide You into a State of Serenity

Meditation StudioApproximately 47% of Americans report feeling too stressed out on a day-to-day basis. With these statistics, it is no wonder why mindful practices such as meditation are sparking the interests of many across the nation. Fortunately, for those who are too busy to attend an actual meditation class, Gaiam, Inc. has released a new app called, “Meditation Studio” that makes your journey to mindfulness more accessible than ever. Meditation Studio has secured a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in the App Store due to its vast array of guided meditation sessions and its simplistic interface.

Meditation Studio’s guided sessions are primarily lead by Elisha Goldstein Ph.D., Michael Apollo, and Emily Fletcher. All three contributors are highly qualified instructors with substantial backgrounds surrounding meditation and mindfulness. Elisha Goldstein Ph.D. is the co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living, which is located in Los Angeles. Goldstein is known for his unique approach in his therapies in which he integrates traditional and mindful methods in order to improve the mental and emotional health of his patients. Michael Apollo is also highly experienced in the field, serving as senior faculty as well as faculty lead for Mindful Leadership. Last but not least, Emily Fletcher is well known for developing zivaMIND, which is the first online meditation training program ever created. These three experts, along with several others, will guide you through over 160 sessions of instructed meditation through Meditation Studio.

This app also offers users the option of constructing their own personal library with their favorite guided sessions. Users are able to navigate through the various sessions and export them to a personalized playlist whenever they come across one that they find effective. This allows users to access the sessions that are most successful for them in a convenient and user-friendly manner. Having to scroll through a large database during each use can get frustrating, but Meditation Studio’s personalized library feature makes it much less stressful to find your favorite guided meditations.

Meditation Studio’s interface makes it appropriate for all users due to its simple and uncluttered display. Many apps have the tendency to be overwhelming to use, and when searching for calmness, that is not appealing in the least. Meditation Studio displays it’s features in a very direct fashion, making it easy for anyone to successfully navigate. The app’s simple display allows it to only take up 72.3 MB of storage, even with its large collection of courses and meditative sessions.

Next time life becomes too hectic, or you just need some help winding down, head on over to the game section in the App Store and look for Meditation Studio. For only $2.99 you can de-stress with some of the most qualified instructors, guiding you into your desired state of tranquility.

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