Labyrinth 2 HD iPad app Review


The Labyrinth 2 HD iPad app is the much anticipated sequel of the first Labyrinth game for the iPhone.  This version of the game has been specifically designed for the iPad and utilizes the accelerometer and clear graphics in order to create a fun strategy game.  You will have to have steady hands and a large amount of patience in order to perfect the boards and advance in the game.

This version of the Labyrinth franchise has really outdone itself.  They have added a variety of new elements to the game to make it faster, more original, and a lot more challenging.  You will have to avoid cannons, ball re-sizers, fans, and much more in order to get your ball to the end of the maze.  You also have the option to create your own levels to make it even more challenging.  Once you create your own pathway you can upload it to the social community for other people to play.  You also have the ability to download other people’s levels as well.


  • This sequel to the popular Labyrinth game includes a variety of new elements in the game.  These elements are new bumpers, more balls, cannons, magnets, fans, doors, items that re-size the ball, merry-go-rounds, lasers, duplicators, and a whole lot more
  • There is also a feature in this game that you can use to design and create your own boards.  Once you have created a variety of different mazes, obstacles, and items you can then upload it online and let your friends (and complete strangers) try to beat them
  • You can host a multiplayer game and gave up to four of your friends play with you over Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi
  • As you progress through the levels you can get a variety of different awards and achievements for your good performance
  • If you enjoy just playing the single player game then you will love that you can play against your “ghost” in order to try and top your best run
  • If you want some more variety then you can also download levels that have been created by other people online and play them and rate them for other users


You can’t go wrong with a good Labyrinth game.  It does a good job of showing off the iPad’s accelerometer and also it’s crisp graphics.  You will be able to see how sensitive the tablet is to movement and how well it reacts to real-time physics.

Voted 5 stars by iPad app users and currently runs for around $7.99.

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