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Walkabout is a new brain teasing puzzle game that will quickly have users wanting to play more. It is geared more towards the fun and relaxed occasional gamers looking to pass their time rather than the more serious platform gamers, but could be fun for anyone. In order to play the game users have to solve a puzzle that involves moving the character to collect stars, bonus keys and other items as quickly as possible.

Movement is controlled by swiping the screen in the direction you want the characters to go. The trick is that every space on the game boards can only be walked on once before it vanishes. Currently the game features a total of 64 levels and they are divided into 4 different game play sections of the “Kingdom”. In addition to the readily available levels there are 8 extra levels available for those who can figure out how to unlock them.


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  1. Own the PC game; can’t say I played turhogh the whole thing though. Went turhogh the demo on my 7.7 Galaxy Tab. Then spent the better part of a train ride optimizing. Spacechem was meant to be on the tablet, and it shows: the interface works well. I’m looking forward to purchasing the full version.

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