Fancy Android Tablet Review

Shopping continues to be one of the most popular online activities and thanks to social networks like Twitter and Pinterest, it’s become easier than ever to find and share the products that catch your interest. Enthusiasts of shopping-oriented social networks will find a lot to love about the Android Tablet application Fancy. This helpful application allows the user to browse galleries of beautiful, novel, useful, and just plain interesting products. The app’s user tools allow you to curate a gallery of images that you find inspiring and amusing. These galleries can be shared with other Fancy users to showcase your own personal sense of style.


The Internet has made it easy for fashion-forward and style-conscious consumers to find a myriad of new products and sources of inspiration. Thanks to apps like Fancy, it takes less time and effort to get to the really good stuff.

Fancy’s big advantage is a fully-integrated shopping feature. When you find items you like, you don’t have to seek out the individual retail source of each item. Instead, you can simply click on the item you want to purchase and it will be added to a shopping cart built into the app itself. This is a big advantage for people who don’t have time to search through the countless online retail outlets to find the source of the item that’s caught their interest. After you are finished compiling your shopping list, all you need to do is enter your payment and shipping information. You’ll have your purchases delivered right to your door.


Users of the Fancy app especially enjoy the interactive features. With just a single click, you can send an email to someone with a description of an item you like, post that item to your Facebook account or to your Twitter feed. This way, even people who haven’t yet explored Fancy can find something they like.

This app has high potential for reusability. Because new items are being added by users all the time, there will always be something new to discover. App users are encouraged to add new products to the Fancy network; the app includes a user tool that allows you to upload information about any product that you want to share with the world. Fancy’s interactive nature means that you won’t ever be at a loss for things to view and share.


This sleek user-friendly Tablet app will be especially enjoyed by artists, designers, and everyone who appreciates style and creativity. Users of the app have given it four out of five stars; best of all, it’s a free application so you risk nothing by trying it out for yourself.

About the App

App will run on Android 2.2 and up.  App size is 2.0 M.

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