F1 2010 iPad app Review


The F1 2010 iPad app is the only official track positioning and live timing Formula One app on the market.  With this app you can stay up to date on all of the sessions of the 2010 season.  You can follow your favorite drivers, teams, and cars with just the tap of your finger.  You can even get custom views of your favorite drivers and zoom in on them as you watch them race.  You can access live commentary and also view racing and timing statistics for each race that happens throughout the year.  You will get to see the first 3 practice rounds, the qualifying rounds and ultimately the Championship Race.

If you are an F1 fan then you won’t want to go without this app.  It offers very unique data and information as well as the live timing feed.  You can access all of this information from the palm of your hand and refer to it whenever you want.


  • You can get a lot of different details about the information and history of each one of the drivers, each team, and also the race tracks themselves
  • You can get full access to the complete season and view all kind of interesting information
  • You can see the current standings and find out all the results and news of each of the races for the 2010 season
  • Get a view of all of the live positions and see them displayed with the 3D map and find out all of the different gaps
  • Pick a favorite driver and you can actually follow them around and see them battle to stay ahead in the race
  • There is a data screen that displays live timing.  This is great because you get a taste of what it would be like to be one of the engineers for Formula One
  • Get live commentary on each session and find out what is happening every single lap
  • Get replays of your favorite races and see the sessions in whatever angle you prefer
  • There is a timing screen that displays all of the gaps and sectors located in the race


This is the ultimate iPad app for the F1 fan.  It is pretty pricey, but if you are familiar with Formula One then you know that nothing is free.  If you can find the cash to fork it out and you are passionate about Grand Prix then it would probably be worth it.

Voted 4 stars by iPad app users and currently can be downloaded for $32.99.

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