Decisiveness in Revenue Opportunities with Tablet Apps

Decisiveness in Revenue Opportunities with Tablet Apps

Are subscription services the best way to go in monetizing your tablet apps? Magazines sure seem to think so. Some success, mind you not great success, just some success has been found with subscription services for magazines and newspapers. The top ranking monetizing technique with apps has so far been to offer free apps with full access and collect revenue from advertisers. Services providing apps that have limited functionality are in some cases being entirely ignored. Consumer feedback reports that limited use tablet apps eventually fall into a graveyard of apps that never get used. Free seems to be the way to go when it comes to services on the internet as well as through tablet apps.

Tablet Apps Advertising

Don’t specifically target types of tablets with your tablet app; instead, develop as a web app that can be read by your tablet app on any brand tablet. Even though Android is crushing the competition, it would limit your tablet apps revenue potential by only developing for a specific brand.

Content in Tablet Apps

Tablet Apps require incredibly great and original content to secure brand loyalty. Even though some of the top selling tablet apps do not contain original works, that will slowly change as the top news services start to shut down syndication over the internet.

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  1. I suggested a few icons to be added as well. Since he has been mankig this set, a lot of new apps have come out that have become very popular. For now, I just use something similar for the icon. For example, I use the Quiznos icon for Quora since it’s just a big letter Q. And it’s always a happy day when icons get pushed to the app! I bought 4 more sets! Unfortunately the nav bar thing on my Nexus 7 JB3 of AOKP is crashing when I try to change the icons, so I can’t put The Matted Blues in my nav bad yet, QQ!

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