Color Touch Effects

Color Touch EffectsColor Touch Effects is one of the photography apps that Swiss Codemonkeys offers on Google play starting February of 2015. The app easily allows you to edit and improve pictures with the touch of a finger. You can use your camera to take a new picture or use a picture from the existing gallery on your device and, after you have the picture ready, you can do some fun effects like adding captions and titles to the photo. Then, you can upload it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or wherever your heart desires. This app is great for people who take a lot of photos and like to show them off on social media.

The app is made by Swiss Codemonkeys and, after looking at what the app can do to pictures, you have to admit that these monkeys did a pretty bang up job on the effects. Most of the apps made by this company makes are free for you to use on your device, and the rest are pretty inexpensive. The company makes a lot of other camera and photography apps, but this one seems to be well received because it is a professional design. They also have a lot of goofy, quirky apps such as one app that allows you to make a photo into a pirate.

The main features of Color Touch Effects allow users to change the color of images and use unique photographic effects on images. Users can quickly and easily turn a dull photo into a rather interesting gray-scale image, for instance. Not all effects are simplistic, of course. It is just as easy for you to add vibrant colors and depth to any image. If you are familiar with photo editing software, then you are going to have an easy time learning this app. It allows you to change the size of your brushstrokes, and you can alter the opacity levels as well. The ability to add a caption or title within this app makes it easy for you to create your own fun memes. Post your memes on Facebook or send them to your friends through the app. This app can also work in tandem with another effects app that is made by the same developer. That app is called Camera Effects and, at the time of this publication, it is free for users. You should give it a try if you want more capabilities for Color Touch Effects.

Features of the App
The filters are one of the best features of this free app. They are quick and easy to use. It is easy for you to make your photo come to life with filters and effects from this app. The filters have everything from vivid colors to sepia, black-and-white and a whole lot more.

The captions allow you to give titles to your pictures. This is fun because you get to create silly photos with what decide to write. However, if you are a serious photographer, then this app would still be somewhat helpful for generating basic titles which could include dates, locations, names of people and more valuable information about the photograph.

The overall impression of this app is fairly good if you are looking for an app that gives you basic effects. The paint feature can give you some trouble, but the effects and titles features are easy enough to use. This app gets a rating of 3.5. It is good for a free effects app, but it could use some more features. Adding more features might be worth paying something for it.

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