BillGaurdBill management applications don’t come any sleeker or more useful than Billguard, an elegantly designed money management app that doesn’t waste time on the small things. It does the things it does and it does them very well. This is a comprehensive money management program that covers all areas of personal finance, from budgeting to spending analysis to credit management. One of its most useful features remains its credit score feature.

Highlights and Features

– Spending Analysis: When you can see where your money is going, you budget better. The way that Billguard breaks spending down into specific categories and then works with your spending habits to help you find ways to cut spending is truly revolutionary for a program like this. Its spending analysis helps you find out what kind of spender you are so that you can change it if necessary.

– Charge alerts: In today’s world, people are rightly worried about identify theft and fraudulent charges on their credit cards. Thanks to Billguard, you don’t have to be worried anymore because you get real-time alerts when someone charges something on your cards or opens up accounts. This gives user’s confidence. You have the option to get paid identity theft protection, too, which gives you comprehensive protection against all varieties of identity theft.

– Budget better: As you learn your spending habits and the app becomes smarter, it shows you ways to reduce your spending so that it is more useful to you. Many users have come to love the kind of lessons taught to them by Billguard. Nothing is more important than mastering your spending habits so that you can get the most out of your dollar and life.

The results you get with Billguard are real. It might be a free app but it’s absolutely elegant and endlessly useful for people who want to be more frugal and responsible with their spending. Some users claim to have saved enormous amounts of money just by using Billguard. As it gets smarter, so do your spending habits. It still requires effort on your part, but in the end if you listen to Billguard and use it the way it’s intended, you get bottom line results that truly impact your life.

So many applications are for entertainment. Billguard isn’t one of those applications. It’s for practical people who want to master their spending habits and protect their money. For those folks, even though the app isn’t entertaining, the thought of building a great credit score and having extra money is wildly entertaining, and that’s the kind of entertainment that Billguard provides. Many people recommend this app which can be downloaded from the iTunes store. It’s one of the single most useful apps you can add to your phone and to your life, one of those rare apps that gives you tools which have real life rewards when you use them often and properly. A free download of this app could truly improve the quality of your life over time.

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