Asphalt 5 HD iPad app Review


The Asphalt 5 HD iPad app is a great way to kill a few weeks of your life.  You will get so caught up in the beatiful graphics, brilliant gameplay, and shiny cars that there won’t be a need to go anywhere other than your couch when you need a break from your bed.  This is one of the best racing apps to ever hit the market.  You will take control of a variety of different cars ranging from a Lamborghini to a Ferrari and you will take to the city streets in a wild race of action.  Try and beat your opponents and score the best time on the track.  There are over 12 different locations to choose from so you will never get bored of the environments and their detailed features.

Enjoy a number of different game modes ranging from 8 single player modes to an intense online multiplayer mode where you can hook up and race with friends and complete strangers.


  • There are over 3o different cars that you can choose from, including some of the fastest cars ever created.  This list includes cars like the Lamborghini, the Ferrari, the Ducati, and the Audi
  • You can change up the control screens so that it fits your personality and driving style.  You can decide where to put the accelerator, the brake, and also the steering wheel
  • There are three different control schemes that you can choose from including the touch screen controls with customizable buttons, the accelerometer for tilting and turning purposes, and the virtual steering wheel option that is something that was created specifically for the iPad
  • There are over 8 different events that you can race in, including the Cop Chase, Duel Mode, Time Attack, Drift Contest, Escape Mode, and the Last Man Standing
  • The graphics are incredible.  They are in 3D and they cater to the HD engine.  The environments are detailed and lush and the cars are pristine
  • Race on courses that are in 12 different places from around the globe.  These locations include places like Las Vegas, Aspen, and more
  • Last of all there is a multiplayer mode that you can play in while using either online connection or Bluetooth


One of the best iPad apps out so far.  The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is smooth, and the ability to customize your control scheme is just awesome.  Totally worth the money and is a great app to showcase everything that the iPad is capable of.

Voted 4 stars by iPad app users and currently costs $6.99 to download.

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