AR First Aid Emergency & Home App

First Aid EmergencyAR Medical has designed an app to help those who are dealing with an emergency situation address it promptly until professional help arrives. Often people find themselves in an emergency without proper training or a guidebook nearby and when faced with a crisis, they resort to calling 911 but panicking in between. But with the press of a button on a smartphone or tablet, everything they need to know about that situation can be found immediately and it will even have a call button feature to reach the nearest EMS. The app is well organized into various user interfaces to find the information. It also is designed with complex algorithms that show detailed body and health patterns, and uses good diagrams to explain how to remedy a situation.

The guide on the app is comprehensive containing organized icons of everything from car accidents, drowning, poison ingestion, personal injuries, and even seizures and diabetes situations. Users can also use a search feature to type in a description of what they are seeing or experiencing if they are unsure exactly what has happened in a situation and that will bring up the proper information on what they should do in that circumstance. The app is easy to understand providing step by step documentation for what the user selects and can fill the user in on other questions they might have. Some features that enhance the apps effectiveness have to be unlocked before they can be used.

Users can also learn a lot about various medical situations through the “Did You Know” feature of this app, a section that that can help prepare a user beforehand or provide them with information to prevent the situation from happening again. Other information that a user might find helpful within this app include the lab tests and results that explain what a user might need to know about various medications or symptoms. In addition, it also has a voice feature for when the information needs to be heard if a user is in the middle of a situation.

Getting the app is not hard at all, but you do need to have a valid Google account and download it from the app store. Once that has been done, you must accept the TOS in the EULA. In order to make your experience better, you can fill out profile information relevant to your needs and medical information that might assist the app better in finding solutions customized for you. In addition, the app can access your location via GPS and help EMTs find you, and it can also access local network information to keep you online and keep your phone from shutting off in the midst of a situation

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