Paper – Change the Way You Look at Your Tablet

Paper App ReviewThe Paper app is a luxury that allows us to express our creativity and our individuality. It is a blank surface that allows total free reign of the human imagination and integrates art, literature and even music. However, for the artists among us, it can be hard to find a good surface to use, and for those looking for a more practical use, checklists take up space, can get lost or can be easily damaged. Paper is a commodity, and even though there is an abundance of it, reckless use of it can lead to great waste.

Enter the paper app. This app literally allows you to use paper for a plethora of ideas. First, you can create a to-do list that is completely changeable. Instead of simply throwing out the last one, check the bubble next to each item to mark it as finished, and allow yourself to open up space for something new. This simple feature puts the app miles ahead of other checklist apps that lack a beautiful design and graceful transition from one item to another. Additionally, the swipe-to-style feature allows you to change notes and create new ones at a pace that no other app can match. Speed creates more efficiency which results in quicker completion of the list itself.

A fascinating feature of the app is the photo feature. You can take any picture from your phone and integrate it on the app. From here, you can draw on it, customize it and even change the lighting to create the desired effect. This on the go editing is unheard and can be of great benefit to photographers, photography majors or even creative individuals who enjoy photo editing and like sending funny or beautiful images to their friends. You also have the ability to write over the photo itself, allowing you to caption it with a name or date for memory’s sake.

All of the ideas put on Paper can now be shared. A beautiful sketch is no longer confined to the piece of paper it was created on. Whatever artwork you create can be sent in a perfect PDF format to anyone you so desire. This allows you to spread your ideas quickly and efficiently without the hassle of converting files or printing multiple copies. You can even create PowerPoint presentations from the images and text gathered in the paper app, as well as Keynote presentations. This method cuts out so much time and effort and the final product is just as beautiful.

This app is available through the app store. As a testament to its ease of use and remarkable beauty, the original version is a recipient of Apple’s App of the Year Award and has generated millions of downloads. The newer version is even more useful and beautiful. To make things better, the in-app purchases such as essentials, mixer, color, sketch, write, and outline are all free. The app is a gateway to increased productivity and creativity. It truly has something in it for everyone.


Instructables App Review

InstructablesLearning is indeed a fascinating process of the human brain. It allows us to acquire things that will give us the opportunity to better our circumstances in improving our quality of life. From simple tricks that will impress friends at dinner parties to education bills, political stories and cooking delicious meals, people are always hungry to learn. Knowledge is hard to acquire, however, and finding a source for such knowledge can be daunting to say the very least. Instructables is the solution to this problem, creating a veritable database of hack and tips as well as video lessons all designed to instruct eager learners in a multitude of topics no matter where they are and no matter what they want to learn.

The app is perfectly designed to help new users figure out how to use it to its maximum potential as quickly as possible. The Instructables app has divided its videos, hacks, and tips into categories, including technology, food, living, play and workshop. There are many other topics as well, and this allows one to immediately narrow down the list of an option as to what they want to learn or better still allow themselves to be intrigued by things they did not know they could learn. The app is visually appealing as well, utilizing bright colors unique to each category to really make them stand out and draw the users attention.

Breaking it down further, the app allows for you to keep a history of lessons that you started but did not quite complete. If the lesson is simply too long and you do not have the luxury of time necessary to watch it all the way through to completion, that is, of course, no issue at all. You can pause the video and restart exactly where you left off after any duration of time. Additionally, the video quality is high resolution and fun to watch, not simply grainy videos on YouTube from someone who only has a vague idea of what they are doing and no credibility to back it up. Instructables cuts out the middle mind and finds the best videos for you so you do not have to do any deep digging. Based off your interests other videos will come up, allowing you to continue expanding upon your knowledge and branch out into other areas of learning that you did not think you would ever find a use for.

In addition to this wealth of videos, you are able to share them with your friends through Facebook, messaging and various other forms of social media. This sharing interface allows you to pass on the knowledge that you find useful to those you care about. This is, after all, the best way to use the app, and helping others learn is always satisfying. Instructables is a truly unique app that ensures everyone can learn just about anything regardless of their background. Thanks to apps like this, it is much easier to improve one’s quality of life and acquire skills that can be rewarding for a lifetime.


Let Meditation Studio’s Experts Guide You into a State of Serenity

Meditation StudioApproximately 47% of Americans report feeling too stressed out on a day-to-day basis. With these statistics, it is no wonder why mindful practices such as meditation are sparking the interests of many across the nation. Fortunately, for those who are too busy to attend an actual meditation class, Gaiam, Inc. has released a new app called, “Meditation Studio” that makes your journey to mindfulness more accessible than ever. Meditation Studio has secured a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in the App Store due to its vast array of guided meditation sessions and its simplistic interface.

Meditation Studio’s guided sessions are primarily lead by Elisha Goldstein Ph.D., Michael Apollo, and Emily Fletcher. All three contributors are highly qualified instructors with substantial backgrounds surrounding meditation and mindfulness. Elisha Goldstein Ph.D. is the co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living, which is located in Los Angeles. Goldstein is known for his unique approach in his therapies in which he integrates traditional and mindful methods in order to improve the mental and emotional health of his patients. Michael Apollo is also highly experienced in the field, serving as senior faculty as well as faculty lead for Mindful Leadership. Last but not least, Emily Fletcher is well known for developing zivaMIND, which is the first online meditation training program ever created. These three experts, along with several others, will guide you through over 160 sessions of instructed meditation through Meditation Studio.

This app also offers users the option of constructing their own personal library with their favorite guided sessions. Users are able to navigate through the various sessions and export them to a personalized playlist whenever they come across one that they find effective. This allows users to access the sessions that are most successful for them in a convenient and user-friendly manner. Having to scroll through a large database during each use can get frustrating, but Meditation Studio’s personalized library feature makes it much less stressful to find your favorite guided meditations.

Meditation Studio’s interface makes it appropriate for all users due to its simple and uncluttered display. Many apps have the tendency to be overwhelming to use, and when searching for calmness, that is not appealing in the least. Meditation Studio displays it’s features in a very direct fashion, making it easy for anyone to successfully navigate. The app’s simple display allows it to only take up 72.3 MB of storage, even with its large collection of courses and meditative sessions.

Next time life becomes too hectic, or you just need some help winding down, head on over to the game section in the App Store and look for Meditation Studio. For only $2.99 you can de-stress with some of the most qualified instructors, guiding you into your desired state of tranquility.


AR First Aid Emergency & Home App

First Aid EmergencyAR Medical has designed an app to help those who are dealing with an emergency situation address it promptly until professional help arrives. Often people find themselves in an emergency without proper training or a guidebook nearby and when faced with a crisis, they resort to calling 911 but panicking in between. But with the press of a button on a smartphone or tablet, everything they need to know about that situation can be found immediately and it will even have a call button feature to reach the nearest EMS. The app is well organized into various user interfaces to find the information. It also is designed with complex algorithms that show detailed body and health patterns, and uses good diagrams to explain how to remedy a situation.

The guide on the app is comprehensive containing organized icons of everything from car accidents, drowning, poison ingestion, personal injuries, and even seizures and diabetes situations. Users can also use a search feature to type in a description of what they are seeing or experiencing if they are unsure exactly what has happened in a situation and that will bring up the proper information on what they should do in that circumstance. The app is easy to understand providing step by step documentation for what the user selects and can fill the user in on other questions they might have. Some features that enhance the apps effectiveness have to be unlocked before they can be used.

Users can also learn a lot about various medical situations through the “Did You Know” feature of this app, a section that that can help prepare a user beforehand or provide them with information to prevent the situation from happening again. Other information that a user might find helpful within this app include the lab tests and results that explain what a user might need to know about various medications or symptoms. In addition, it also has a voice feature for when the information needs to be heard if a user is in the middle of a situation.

Getting the app is not hard at all, but you do need to have a valid Google account and download it from the app store. Once that has been done, you must accept the TOS in the EULA. In order to make your experience better, you can fill out profile information relevant to your needs and medical information that might assist the app better in finding solutions customized for you. In addition, the app can access your location via GPS and help EMTs find you, and it can also access local network information to keep you online and keep your phone from shutting off in the midst of a situation